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Plotting Points (x, y)

Plotting Points in polar coordinates (r, θ)

Graphing equation of circle

Graphing ellipse and hyperbola

Graphing Parametric Equations x(t) and y(t)

Graphing Polar Equations r(θ)

Draw Vector

Jacobian Transformation

Graphing Implicit Function Video   

Input Implicit Function
Note: Graphing of implicit function takes about 45 seconds to complete.

More feature coming soon.

Make all graphs same color

Calculator Features
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Reflection of Cartesian Equations           Video  
Rotation of Cartesian Equation           Video  
Finding x-intercept and y-intercept          Video  
Finding Intersection of Two Graphs          Video  
Finding Maximum or Minimum          Video  
Shading/Painting          Video  
Drawing Line With Two Given Points            
Drawing Line With Given Slope and One Point            
Drawing Parabola Through Vertex and One Point            
Drawing Parabola Through Three Points            
Drawing Circle            
Drawing Ellipse of Equation in Standard Form            
Drawing Hyperbola of Equation in Standard Form            
Drawing Two Parralel Lines            
Drawing Two Perpendicular Lines            
Testing Point for Inequality and Equation            
Draw Tangent Line(s) for function defined implicitly or explicitly            

More features Coming Soon