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Converting Radians To Degrees

Converting Degrees To Radians

y = Sin(x) vs. y = A•Sin(Bx + C) + D

y = Cos(x) vs. y = A•Cos(Bx + C) + D

y = Tan(x) vs. y = A•Tan(Bx + C) + D

y = Cot(x) vs. y = A•Cot(Bx + C) + D

y = Sec(x) vs. y = A•Sec(Bx + C) + D

y = Csc(x) vs. y = A•Csc(Bx + C) + D

Inverse Sine Function (Asin)

Inverse Cosine Function (Acos)     

Inverse Tangent Function (Atan)     

Inverse Cosecant Function (Acsc)

Inverse Secant Function (Asec)     

Inverse Cotangent Function (Acot)     

The Law of Sines

The Law of Sines (Ambiguous Case)

The Law of Cosines

Combining Law of Sines and Law of Cosines

Area of Triangle

Parametric Equations

Polar Equations